You Die At The End

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Current Version: 1.0
Most Recent Update: Game Release

Most of the time, you might play a game and wonder where the game will eventually lead you. Some games bring you a fantastic story, while other games may choose to allow you to build the world yourself and make your own story. This game…? Well, you can see how the game ends right in the title: You Die At The End.

Grim, I know. I wish there were another way. But that’s just the way things go in this game. I suppose you’d like to know why things must be this way. Well…

You are a nameless spaceship pilot who is about to embark on a journey through the endless stone walls of space. You’ll get a small bit of warning before they fly at you mercilessly, but fly at you they will. Avoid them as long as you can, as your points will go up more and more for every second you last. Get the high score, and your score will be immortalized for all to see on your device…until someone beats your score, that is. But beware…the game will speed up along with your points, and the walls will become harder and harder to dodge.

If you have any more questions, there is an in-game tutorial to explain how to play.

The endless walls of space call…will you answer?