Paths of Tzalar


Current Version: 1.0
Most Recent Update: Game Release

Paths of Tzalar is a 3D Puzzle Solving game where you work to get to the end of a level within a predetermined time frame. Please do note that some lower end devices may have issues running this game, apologies in advance for that.

For generations, myths have been passed down about the lost kingdom of Tzalar. Some myths speak of the Tzalarian people as being largely into mysticism and magic, using mystic crystals as a means to most ends. Other myths describe their interests as heavily mechanical, using machines for everything in their lives.

We’ve long believed Tzalar to be mere mythology, but this has now come into question.

Recently, we came across what appears to be a travel network of unknown origin. Their technology is unlike anything our historians have seen…but it appears to fit with Tzalarian mythology.

We have taken to calling this travel network the Paths of Tzalar, and will continue to do so until the Tzalar connection is proven or disproven.

As a new recruit to STAKE, the Special Task Agency for Knowledge Enthusiasts, your job is to reopen each of the lost paths of Tzalar and bring the secrets of the Tzalarian people to light.

Paths of Tzalar is still very much a work in progress Currently, there is one base open with 11 levels, but the plan is for there to be well over 100 levels once the game is complete. These updates will be coming out as they are ready…this will mostly likely be once a month, but as this is currently a side project, may wind up occasionally taking a back seat to life and work responsibilities.