Incalescent Productions
Based in Louisville, CO

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July 1, 2014


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Paths Of Tzalar
Extreme Dog Sculptor
Scooter Magrew

Louisville, CO 80027



Incalescent Productions is a one-man, nights & weekends creative development studio where every project is hotter than the last. While our main focus is on video games, we also work with many other types of storytelling media. As a goal, we don't throw anything away, as there is always some artistic value in any work of art. We mainly program using Unity & C#, but can adapt to whatever the project needs.


Before the company existed

I have always enjoyed all parts of video games, from the interactive storylines to the way a good level can take hours away from your life without even the realization that time has moved. Throughout most of my childhood and young adult life, I was always looking for a way to work games into everything I did. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that my Master's Project (completed in 2006, now defunct) was a small online computer game.

Early history

Incalescent Productions was founded in 2014. Initially, the company was set up to be used solely for contract work. During one of my contracted projects, I found myself with a need to better learn how to use Unity and C#. To help with this, I came up with a small prototype that I felt could eventually lead to a somewhat interesting side project...and could be a good teaching tool for himself either way. Eventually, I took the ideas from that project and started on my first solo project, Shoot At Things.


Despite the early work on Shoot At Things, Incalescent Productions really didn't build up any sort of a game library for some time due to several factors (some personal, some business related). In an effort to continue to learn (as well as to build up a game library), I chose to take on the One Game A Month (1GAM) online challenge starting in January, 2016. With each new project for the 1GAM challenge, the desired deliverable was to be a project that was at least good enough to make it onto various app stores at the end of each month, with the caveat that it could always be iterated and built out more later on. As a result, sales were not important on any of these games, simply getting out a game that people enjoyed would satisfy the early goals.

Extreme Dog Sculptor

The first game to come out of this was "Extreme Dog Sculptor", a click-against-the-timer game which was released successfully at the end of January.

You Die At The End

February's project was intended to be "Paths of Tzalar", but as the end of the month came near, I realized it would not be in a good enough state for most people to enjoy it...but rather than miss February's deadline, I instead took a day or two and built "You Die At The End", a somewhat slow reaction game.

Paths of Tzalar

At the end of March, the first 11 levels of Paths of Tzalar were complete, so those were released to the public.

End of 1GAM

The 1GAM project mostly stopped in April, as the initial game I was designing never seemed to quite make it out of the design stage. As I was feeling somewhat lost, I took a bit of time to enter Ludum Dare 35, an over-the-weekend game jam, hopeful that it would give a little bit of a creativity boost.As there was not a lot of open time during that weekend, I chose to forego the art portion of the judging, instead opting to use sprite characters from my previously mentioned Master's Project.

Scooter Magrew

I chose five specific characters from that project to use and renamed them accordingly, with the original hero becoming Scooter Magrew. After the game jam, I added five more characters and a treasure collection aspect, then released the first 14 levels.



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