Extreme Dog Sculptor

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Current Version: 2.0
Most Recent Update: 4 new dogs, 1 new ingredient, mute button

Have you ever wanted to get a dog? I know I have…many times, I’ve looked up at the stars and just wished that I had a gorgeous canine next to me, being playful and exuberant. Yet sometimes, it can be hard to just get a dog. People that live their lives to the extreme like you and I can’t just settle for any dog. Besides, with today’s do-it-yourself mentality, it seems far more rewarding & personal to make your own dog rather than just simply buying one at the store.

For this reason (and possibly others), I bring to you Extreme Dog Sculptor!

Extreme Dog Sculptor is a speed-based game where you create your own dogs from a list of ingredients which I will shout at you randomly. You have only a certain amount of time to get your ingredients in before spoiling the broth, and any extra ingredients thrown in will only serve to give us a non-canine concoction. We can’t have that.

Succeed, and your dog will forever be shown in your in-app gallery! Fail, and we shall try again until you succeed!

We have several puppy recipes for you to start with, with more yet to come eventually!

So why not grab some fur and throw it in a cauldron with me? After all…you only live once, so why not have a dog?

NOTE: No dogs were harmed in the making of this game. A few of them got a little dizzy, however.

Special Thanks:
– Kit Burgess, who helped me expand upon this idea and game.
– Pixabay, for several of the background and dog images.
– Frank Kovalchek, for Hanging18.jpg (Wikipedia) which was used in the icon and some promo pieces.