Scooter Magrew

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Current Version: 1.0
Most Recent Update: Game Release

This is the story of a young boy named Todd “Scooter” Magrew. While in space on one of his many adventures, he found himself lost on an abandoned space station with no one else around. He also is unable to walk on any tiles that are not white or cyan, for some reason that has yet to be determined. For a young boy still trying to find his way in the world, one of the hardest things to face is the journey home.

However, he is not alone. The great Princess Parcia of the ancient Kingdom of Parsh is there with him, much as he often has been for her. Additionally, she has enlisted several of her most loyal subjects to help out Scooter. While unable to be there in body, they are there in spirit. And if ever he needs their help, he just has to ask and any of them will happily shapeshift his body into their own for protection.

Scooter Magrew: Escape from Somewhere in Space is a 2D puzzle game meant mainly for young children where the main gameplay revolves around color recognition, as well as some minor puzzle solving techniques. Parents are encouraged to help younger children with the reading elements of the game early on, but the expected result is that story elements will inevitably be passed over within a few levels in favor of matching characters and tiles. In addition to simple tile/character color matching, there is also a timer, as well as items and obstacles tied to each character…all of which are based on the same color scheme.

While there are plenty of updates planned, the current version has 14 levels involving 5 characters.

Special Thanks:
– Tina, for the base sprites in use for a couple of late level characters.
– Office57, for the free Asset Store icons.
– Too Tidy Studios, for the free copy of the 8-Bit Diversity sound effect Collection.