Shoot At Things

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Current Version: 1.0
Most Recent Update: Game Release

Shoot At Things is my debut game where you shoot at things. A lot of things. As you might expect from a game with this name, this is a reaction-based shooting game without a whole lot of plot.

In fact, here’s the plot: Space is full of trash, and you have a cannon. Exciting, isn’t it? Movie coming out sometime in 20X6.

So…what do you do in this game? Well, there are two modes in SAT: Aim Mode and Blast Mode. In Aim Mode, you are aiming your target over some space junk. When you get the target over something, you go into Blast Mode where you have 15 seconds to shoot as much as you can. The games are set up to be 30/60/90 seconds, depending on how long you want to play. Each of them has it’s own high score.

What are the objectives then? Get a High Score! Try to beat your high score! Challenge your friends to beat your score, then stay up until 3 AM beating their new high score, so you no longer have to look at their name on your phone! Trash talk them after you do so, preferably in front of loved ones! And of course, hope that it becomes a better game later on!

A better game?!? Why yes…part of the plan if this does at least partially well and people seem somewhat interested in the core gameplay is to add to this and make it better. Some of the things I’m considering are:

  • Story Mode (moreso than the story above)
  • Power-Ups (More time in Blast Mode, ability to slow objects, etc)
  • Improving the graphics/music
  • Possibly taking a shower and grabbing some dinner.
  • And much, much more!

So why not give it a try, see if you like it? If you do, tell a friend…I get more money that way. If you don’t, tell me…perhaps I can fix it or I can feel sad at being powerless to fulfill your request. Either way, you get to in some sense control another human being from the comfort of your own home, so definitely a win/win for you.

And remember, if you find your parents asking what truly you’ve done with your life, you can look at them and respond “I shot at things. I shot at things very well.”