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Current Version: 1.0
Most Recent Update: Game Release

In a post apocalyptic future, humanity has been eradicated from the planet. Given your reality as a horse, no one could really blame you for having some mixed emotions about this. Sure, it is sad that your former owners are now gone and can’t give you any more tasty carrots, but you are now free to run whenever and wherever you want.

Unfortunately, running free in a post apocalyptic world is a dangerous and scary prospect. Run too far or too fast and you’ll quickly run into random rocks strewn about the world. Or possibly one of the newly created giants or dinosaurs created during the aforementioned apocalypse…because what is an apocalypse without giants and raptors?

Apocavalry is a 3D Endless Runner game where your goal is to score as many points as you can before running into something. The longer you go, the more points you will score…but the faster the game will go as well.

Run free, run fast…just make sure you watch out for the world ahead of you.