Showdown in North Chrovale


Current Version: 1.0
Most Recent Update: Game Release

North Chrovale is about to explode!

Well, maybe not explode. There aren’t any real explosives there, nor any real reason for anyone to blow the place up. However, there are monsters crawling throughout the city, seeking a mysterious power within. There’s a lot of treasure there as well, a perfect reward for any adventurer willing to do the job well.

It is for this reason that the Treasure Engineering duo of Reginald and Rachel have returned home to protect North Chrovale. The town needs protection, and the treasure needs looting and re-engineering. Together, they will give everything they can to save North Chrovale.

They won’t be alone though, for while North Chrovale has long been a nexus between various time paths, the recent monster outbreak has led minions and adventurers from all time paths to it. Treasure Hunters Jessie Jean & Johnny Joe, Ninja Recruits Emma & Ezra, as well as the futuristic combat robot Fightborg XII have all come to town and are ready to lay their lives on the line. These adventurers likely won’t come cheap, but they will help for an in-game price.

Will you protect the timelines and defeat the monstrous horde? Or will monsters be free to roam throughout all known streams of time? New Chrovale awaits!

Some artwork in this game provided by Game Art 2D: