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22 June, 2016

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Scooter Magrew: Escape from Somewhere in Space is a 2D puzzle game meant mainly for young children. The main gameplay revolves around color recognition, as well as some minor puzzle solving techniques. Parents are encouraged to help younger children with the reading elements of the game early on, but the expected result is that story elements will inevitably be passed over within a few levels in favor of matching characters and tiles. In addition to simple tile/character color matching, there is also a timer, as well as items and obstacles tied to each character...all of which are based on the same color scheme. Reaction to this game has been mixed, particularly by age groups. Adults tend to be a bit bored by the simple mechanics, but kids (particularly young children) tend to get very into the play style and ideas.


Initially, Paths of Tzalar was to be my February 2016 entry into the One Game A Month challenge, but it ran into enough snags that I did not feel comfortable releasing it at that time. It instead became my March entry. It is a spin-off story that will eventually lead into a game/movie/book that I have been designing/developing for nearly 20 years.


  • 2D Puzzle Game
  • 5 Characters across 14 levels
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay and score keeping


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About Incalescent Productions

Incalescent Productions is a one-man, nights & weekends creative development studio where every project is hotter than the last. While our main focus is on video games, we also work with many other types of storytelling media. As a goal, we don't throw anything away, as there is always some artistic value in any work of art. We mainly program using Unity & C#, but can adapt to whatever the project needs.

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